What is “CHIRP”?

Chirp is a form of private event we can set up either at your own place or at a venue of our choice, in the attempt to make you experience the flavours of crickets in all theirs shades.

Our chef will bring to your table cricket based meals, from starters to desserts, according to your taste and desires.

During the course of a meal we will be able to take you closer to this fascinating world, and have you understand and experience the potential of this new flavour, matching it to our most loved traditional dishes.


According to your taste and your sense of adventure, our staff will be able to provide a specific menu for you.

The full menu includes:

  • Welcoming entree
  • Starter
  • Two main courses
  • Dessert

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You can choose to have your very own CHIRP at your place, given that a fully functioning kitchen is available for our chef and staff, or we can arrange a location of our choice according to the number of participants .


To arrange your CHIRP the minimum number is 15. Once the menu is arranged, we will be able to quote it and you will be ready to enjoy your first steps into this intriguing brand new world.


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