We offer several options to everyone who’s interested in this field, together with a training opportunity addressed to those who are planning to start a new business.


It is a brand new world, and finding the right answers is harder than you may think. This is why we have built this network of professionals that, together with our know-how, allows us to give you all the support and solutions you need. We offer three types of counselling:


If you are looking for general information regarding laws and regulations, potential markets, and how to start your own enterprise, this is the kind of counselling you re looking for. During our meeting we will provide you with all the knowledge you need related to these issues, we will answer all your questions trying to solve your problems. In this way you will be equipped with all the information you need to decide whether to start your adventure.

Fee: to be evaluated, according to your need



If you already run your own insect breeding farm and you need any kind of advice, whether for entomological or technological matters, we can help you find the right solutions.

Fee: to be evaluated, according to your need



If you run a related business and want to explore the insect field without knowing how to start, this is the counselling you need. We can help you develop your projects, cope with the issues related to the breeding cycles with a state of the art technology. In collaboration with our professionals network, university laboratories and professional entomologists we are able to fully support your developing enterprise.

Fee: to be evaluated, according to your need



This training course is intended for those who are interested in becoming cricket breeders. During this one-day class you will receive all the fundamentals about the life cycle of crickets: from eggs to full-grown crickets. This course also has a practical approach that will enable the students to really start feeling and handling these creatures.

At the end of the class we will provide a breeding user manual full of suggestions and tips to succeed in the breeding process. In the afternoon we will examine Italian and European regulations, permissions and laws. Participants will be given the opportunity to taste insect-based products.

Fee: 500 Euros per person


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